Text Message Flirting : Effective Ways To Flirt Via Text

text message flirtingText messaging is not just for the kids anymore — in fact, adults have now embraced text messaging as a great form of communication, and a great form of flirtation. Whether you are just meeting someone new and are interested in developing a relationship or you have been with your partner for years, text message flirting can be a great way to bring some excitement and fun into any relationship.

It is an excellent way to send your thoughts, feelings, and sexy flirts to someone without having to agonize over “How do I say this?” Things that might be hard to say when you are in front of a person are much easier to say via text. You will have time to plan your responses when you’re texting and make sure that your flirts are just perfect — when you’re in person it is much more intimidating.

Text Message Flirting: What Do I Say?

You can easily create some Cute Text Messages for your special someone that will have them dying to see you again, or send some Love Text Messages┬áthat will remind your special guy of just why he fell head over heels for you. When you want to send a Love TXT for Boyfriend or any type of Love Text Messages, try something simple at first: Send a fragment of a song lyric that has meaning for both of you, send a line from a poem that shows how you feel, or even send a simple sentence or two saying how much your special someone really means to you — or how much you are looking forward to seeing them again.

It doesn’t have to be long to have meaning: In fact, with Romantic Text Messages you will want to keep it short and sweet. Don’t forget to check your spelling and punctuation — and be absolutely sure that auto-correct didn’t make any unintended changes to your special text. Text Message Flirting is easy to do, but one bad auto correct or bad spelling or punctuation can unravel it so make sure that your message is what you intended before you click “Send.”

Text Message Flirting: How Do I Say It?

Honesty and making it easy to relate to are key when sending Romantic Text Messages. Talk about something that has happened between you that really touched you or turned you on as you exchange text messages and flirt. For example, you can say “I loved how you snuggled up in my arms last night and sighed out loud.” This shows your message recipient that you have them on your mind and makes them remember something really special that the two of you shared. Don’t go too simple with your Text Message Flirting: Saying “Last night was fun” is pretty generic. Tell your special person WHY last night was fun: “You looked so sexy at dinner last night that I was entranced!”

Text Message Flirting: When To Send?

Timing can be pretty important. Consider what your text recipient is doing at that time (for example are they working? just leaving work? picking up kids at daycare? just waking up to face the day?) and send at a time when you think they will really enjoy it the most. Usually, the best time for Cute Text Messages like this is during downtimes like first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or during a lull in the work day. If you think your special someone is probably bored or under stress right now, it is probably a good time to send a mood-lifting Love TXT for Boyfriend.