Cute Text Messages to Send to a Woman

cute text messagesThere are millions of cute text messages to send to a woman – a woman you’ve met recently, a woman you are dating, your long-life partner, or the mother of your children. You can use cute text messages for virtually any romantic endeavor – to build attraction, to confirm your feelings, to express appreciation, to make a sensual compliment, or even to make her crave you!

Although text message flirting with cute text messages has numerous advantages and is rather simple, too few men know how to actually compose a meaningful and romantic text message. And that’s what I am going to show you in the following lines.

1. Use proper language. Many men, and women for that matter, stick to using the so called SMS language when writing text messages to their friends. Using SMS language can save you time writing messages but it is totally inappropriate if you are going to write cute text messages. Always use correct language and punctuation for the romantic text messages you are going to write. That will not only make them easy to read and understand but will definitely make her remember your text messages.

 2. Write meaningful messages. Many men believe that if a text message is romantic or sexy, it doesn’t need to be meaningful. While there are numerous examples of cute text messages that are extremely sweet but lack meaning, the best texts to send to a woman are those that also carry certain message and relate to her or something that happened between you and her.

3. Make it really cute. Men are constantly worried that being too romantic or sweet over a text message is somehow cheesy. Indeed, most cute text messages you will find or think of may sound ridiculously sweet and even funny. Yet again, that is the basic purpose of sending such little texts to the woman in your life: you want to flirt, you want to make her feel special, you want to make her heart skip a beat when she reads your message, and you want her to think about you. And that can only be achieved by sending really cute text messages.

Finally, let me give you a couple of examples of cute text messages you can send to the woman in your life.

“Smile because you’ve just got a message from someone who cares”
“Love is sweet when it’s new, but it’s the sweetest when I love you”
“Just wanted you to know how wonderful it feels to wake up each morning with the thought of you… to know you are mine and I am yours…have a wonderful day dear”