10 Good Morning Love Text Messages to Send to Your Loved One

good morning love text messagesGood morning love text messages are among the most cherished, memorable and effective love txt messages you may think of sending. They will remind your loved one you are already thinking of them and will certainly make their day way better.

 Here are several examples of good morning love text messages you can send to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or anybody you love and desire.

 “Every sunrise gives me one more day to love you! Good morning dear, hope you have a wonderful day!”

 “A lovely morning for the one I love… already thinking about you and counting the hours till we meet!”

 “Do you know what time is it? […] It’s time to wish my sweet man/woman/girl/boy Good Morning!”

 “You may not know what today will bring you but remember: my heart is with you for a happy day! Good morning”

 “A cup of love, a spoon of smiles and kisses, and a slice of great success… Good morning!”

 “Sending you a good morning kiss to start your day!”

 “Do you know what I saw when I gazed out of my window this morning? […] Your smile in the sunlight, your sparkling eyes in the blue sky… Good morning my love!”

 “Always welcome the day with a smile on your lips and good thoughts in your mind…That’s exactly what I do while thinking of you in this beautiful morning. Good morning!”

 “Did you feel something warm and fuzzy in the morning? […] That was the huge hug I sent you! Good morning and have a great day”

 “You are in my thoughts when I go to sleep, you are there when I wake up, and you will be there all day long… Good morning and have a fabulous day!”

As you have probably notices, some of the above good morning love text messages are separated by […] This indicates that you can actually break the message into two separate parts: send the first part, wait for your partner to reply and send the second part. Do not worry if they don’t answer straight away; in that case, just send the second part of your good morning love text message.