Hot Text Messages for Him and For Her

hot text messagesAccording to Wikipedia, flirting is “…a playful romantic or sexual overture by one person to another… indicating an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person, and can involve verbal communication as well as body language” Yet again, flirting is not merely a way to show your affection towards a person you’ve met recently; flirting is an essential part of the love life of people who’ve been together for many years. In that respect, there is nothing sexier than sending hot text messages to your partner every time you would like to jazz up your love life.

Sending sweet, romantic, love or hot text messages to the man or woman in your life is called text message flirting. Most of the people do it only in the early stages of their relationships. Moreover, most of the people who use text message flirting send romantic or hot text messages without even realizing the full extent of their actions, and definitely without realizing the true power of love sms text messages.

Why and when you may decide to send a love sms message? Basically, a person may want to send a romantic text message every time they think of their loved one; you don’t need a particular reason to do that – the fact that you love your partner and think about that is enough. However, sending hot text messages is a whole different story.

Similar to other romantic text messages, hot text messages may be sent to a person you’ve just met, or to your long life partner. Unlike traditional romantic text messages, you should really figure out whether the relationship you have with the other person has reached the stage where you can openly discuss sexy topics – face-to-face or over text messages.

In general, you can send hot text messages to girl or a buy you’ve met recently and with whom you have purely sexual relationship. Or, you can send hot text messages to your partner as a unique form of digital foreplay. Regardless of your situation, here are a few hot text messages you can try.

“I can’t stop thinking about your soft, sweet lips… need to feel them tonight!”

 “Do you want to see what I really want… come over tonight and I will show you…=)”

 “Can’t wait for tonight… I want to get you naked, kiss your sweet lips, caress your gorgeous… and….”

 “I’ve been very, very bad today… I think you should do something about that tonight…=)”

 “Just finished my Yoga class… want to check out how flexible I am? =)”