Love TXT for Boyfriend: 20 Must-Send Romantic Text Messages

love txt for boyfriendIf you are eager to take your relationship to the next level, or simply spruce up your love life, you can try any of the following love txt for boyfriend. They will surely make him think about you, and even crave you like crazy.

1. “I love your strong hands… I feel loved and secure every time you hug me…”

2. “I feel like the luckiest woman in the world… So glad that I found you…”

3. “You are always on my mind… Can’t wait to see you again…”

4. “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow… You are my everything!”

5. “Good night my love… I wish you were here so we can cuddle and fall asleep together…”

6. “I was wondering… if you know that I am thinking about you right now…=)”

7. “You make me tremble every time you kiss me… can’t wait for the next time when your lips will touch mine…”

8. “Dreaming of you… wish you were here right now so we could…=)”

9. “You’ve got to stop distracting me… thinking about you all the time!”

10. “My world is perfect now that you are in it! Wouldn’t change the love we share for anything!”

11. “I never expected I would find everything I ever dreamed about in one man… so glad that I found you!”

12. “Do you know that amazing feeling… knowing that I make you happy makes my days worthwhile…”

13. “The world is perfect every second I spend with you… wish my world remains perfect forever…”

14. “Being in love with you is like living in a fairytale… I don’t want our love story to end… Love you so much!”

15. “I am falling… for you… will you catch me? =)”

16. “Loving you is like breathing… and yet you take my breath away…”

17. “You make me laugh when I am feeling blue… you make all my fears disappear… your love is the greatest gift life has sent me!”

18. “I can’t get you out of my head… when I close my eyes, I see you… I feel your sweet lips on mine… your hands around my body… missing you right now…”

19. “Love is a journey not a destination… wish our journey never ends…”

20. “My heart misses a beat every time I see you… I love you more than you will ever know.”

These are just some of the love messages you can send to your loved one. Send these love txt for boyfriend to your loved one right now, or use them as inspiration to write a love txt for boyfriend he will never forget.