Love TXT Messages: 5 Killer Writing Tips

love txt messagesLove txt messages are an excellent way to establish connection with your loved one regardless of the circumstances of your situation, daily schedule and lifestyle. Nevertheless, writing memorable and sexy love txt messages is not always easy. Here are five killer tips that will help you start writing meaningful, unforgettable romantic text messages.

1. Simplicity. You can cite a poem, or write a long, sophisticated message and that may be all right. Yet again, it is far better to try to express your feelings with a brief and meaningful text message. Keep your romantic sms messages brief and use simple words. Do not forget to use proper language, correct capitalization and punctuation.

2. Meaning. It may be hard to believe but most of the love txt messages exchanged by people contain little or no meaning at all. Always try to write meaningful messages as these are the messages that will make the object of your affection think about you and remember the messages you’ve sent them forever.

3. Relate. The best love txt messages are those that relate to something that have happened and express your feelings about that. For instance, you can write “I can’t stop thinking about your beautiful eyes”. Than again, it is far better if you write “I can’t stop thinking about the way your eyes sparkled when I told you I loved you last night”

4. Create images, convey feelings. Some of the best love txt messages are those that can draw a picture in the mind of your partner, and tell them how you react to that situation. Michel Fiore, relationship expert and author of the book “Text the Romance Back” suggests “It’s crazy, but simply telling somebody how their body reacts or what they feel emotionally over text can be a huge turn on for them.”

5. The right time. No matter how powerful love txt messages are, they loose their effect if sent in the wrong moment. How shall you choose the best time to send a love sms message to your partner? In general, the easiest way to decide whether it’s a good time to text them is to think what they might be doing at that moment. Send your romantic text message when you believe your partner is in the middle of something stressful or boring, send good morning love text messages, or text them right before they go to sleep.

The above five tips will surly help you start writing unforgettable love txt messages. Yet again, there are certain things you do need to avoid.

For example, never ever use text messages to discuss everyday topics such as who will pick up the kids from school, or the dry cleaning; chatting about mundane stuff over text will ruin that special relationship you’ve created. It is also not recommended to go for dirty text messages if you are unsure how your partner will react. Finally, if you send a love sms message and do not receive a reply, resist the urge to call them to ask why, or to send another 10 messages asking whether they will reply. Instead, mention that you’ve sent them a message next time you meet and simply ask whether they got it.