Mate One and OKCupid – Comparisons and Differences

OK Cupid and Mate One are the dating sites to go to if you want to find a date. Both dating sites have been around for a long time and are similar in popularity. Mate One has a reputation of being a paid membership site, while OK Cupid is known for its free dating service. Mate One and OK Cupid certainly have differences and similarities.

Searching for a Date

On both dating sites, you will see a search feature that you can use to find dates. You can use keywords on the profiles of the daters. Location can be the variable of choice if you’re not big on long distance relationships. Your default variable should be gender and age. Whatever your criteria is, the search functions in both sites are top notch and functional.

Since the sites are popular, there are many individuals to choose from. Mate One claims that the membership pool inside the site is close to twenty million. Because OK Cupid is free, it may be attracting more daters.

Free Membership and Upgrading

OK Cupid is free but you must bear with the advertisements from sponsors. You cannot do anything about the ads because the administration finds a way to fund the site. Pop ups and pop unders may be particularly annoying. If you want the ads to go away, you can pay the membership fee. Premium members can search for dates in relative quiet, which only means there are no more ads to worry about. If you are a paying member, you can expect the ads to disappear.

Mate One is a paid dating site, but it does offer free memberships. Men and women initially sign up for free. The trial period can be used to set up your dating profile and uploading photos. After the free trial period, males are expected to pay the full membership price while females can simply enjoy the membership. Women are not expected to pay for their membership, and they can enjoy the premium features for free.

Connecting With Others

One of the most important aspects of any dating site is the email feature. Emailing people you’re interested in is a good way to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Both OK Cupid and Mate One have corresponding capabilities.

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