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What is so special about and is among the many paid online dating sites that use a unique search algorithm to match members with other members. Established in 2003, is now a pioneer of modern dating and has close to a million users. Anyone in the world can join, and there is sure to be a partner for you that lives nearby wherever you are.’s matching strategy uses personality details from a person’s profile to find a match. The system will email you your possible matches on a regular basis. Can you do something to change the pattern of the matches? You need to complete your profile. The more details you put in there, the more ideal the match is.

At first, membership is completely free. Using your free account, you can set up your profile and start uploading photos. This way, your profile will be scanned by the system and sent to potential matches. When people start emailing you, you can apply for a gold membership and access messaging features. Around 30 USD per month is the cost of membership. Gold members can leave comments on blogs and articles. You can also be able to respond to e-mails or send videos.

One good thing about is that the profiles are reviewed for the safety of other users. If a profile seems shady, it is removed. Customer care is great. is forever free but you need to bear with ads on pages. The site uses the profit for ads to maintain the site. If you’re tired of the ads, there is a way to still use the site, ad-free. Just upgrade to paid membership, which costs less than ten dollars a month. Besides the removal of ads when you’re on site, you will also be marked as an A-List user. You can also access better features for searching and photo uploading.

The advantage of joining a free site is that there are more members to meet. Customer support is better on paid sites, but free sites attract more members.

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