Romantic Text Messages, Or How to Melt Your Partner’s Heart

romantic text messagesHave you ever wished for some extra romance in your life? If so, you can invite romance, passion and desire into your relationship by sending romantic text messages.
Romantic text messages are some of the greatest tools for building attraction, strengthening a relationship, or simply for having some sexy fun. These text messages are equally effective for both men and women, and can be used regardless of situation, time and place.
But sending text messages randomly, and without observing certain guidelines may not be so effective. As with anything else about love, there are certain strategies that can guarantee success in almost 100% of the cases. Here are three tips that will help you get started and reveal how to melt your partner’s heart with nothing but a few digital messages.
The perfect moment. Finding the perfect moment to say “I love you”, or “I’ve been thinking of you all day” is never easy. Romantic text messages give people the opportunity to “be romantic” with their loved ones regardless of how hectic their work schedule is, or how many household errands they have to deal with. The perfect moment to send a love sms is basically every moment. Yet again, you should better not send romantic text messages if you’ve already texted your partner for something totally mundane.

Create your “secret” world. The beauty of text message flirtation is that it helps people develop a special kind of relationship, to create and enter into a “secret world” where only them and their love exists. To give text message flirtation a genuine chance, forget about using text messages for ordinary stuff such as grocery lists, appointments arrangements, and so on. Make your partner’s heart skip a beat when they hear their phone’s sms tone, make them hold their breath while opening your message and make them shiver with desire when reading it.
Send the right message. Writing romantic text messages is easy, yet challenging. There are no strict rules to follow; your goal should be to make your loved one special, cherished and loved. And you can do that in a number of ways. For instance, you can send them a couple of cute text messages such as
“The way you looked last night just reminded me why I fell in love with you, and why I wish we never part…=)”
“I though of you… and felt an overwhelming desire to tell you… you are the sunshine in my life, and I couldn’t imagine a day without you.”
“Even if there’s no tomorrow, I still want to spend it with you…”
As you can see, creating really romantic text messages is not difficult. All you need is to explore your feelings and a touch of imagination to “dress” them in a few touching words. I strongly recommend you to look for further inspiration and tips on the pages of this blog, and start sending romantic text messages right away.