Seductive Text Messages: How to Make Your Partner Crave You With Nothing But Your Thumbs

seductive text messagesHave you ever wondered how to make your partner crave you with minimum effort? If you have, now you have the answer: send him or her couple of seductive text messages. These messages will certainly make them think about you; moreover, they will make them literally crave you like crazy!

Composing seductive text messages is not always easy. You need to come up with a cleverly written and cute text message that also reveals your true intentions. Here are ten sexy text messages that you can try right away.

“I’ll be home in half an hour… I’ll take a hot shower… want to come over and join the fun?”

“I had a dream about you last night… you were naughty… wish you were here to show you my reaction…=)”

“I’ve just realized I am not wearing underwear today… one less thing for you to remove tonight =)”

“I am sure you are having a busy day but… can you add one more thing to your to-do list? Me!”

“Can’t get the image of your sexy lips out of my mind… Can’t wait to feel them over mine… Can’t wait to see you tonight… or may be right now? =)”

“Have you heard that the police are searching for a gorgeous, sexy suspect… I think I know a place where you can hide…=)”

“Guess what I am wearing right now… And how long it will take you to take it off =)”

“I can’t get you out of my mind… I want to kiss your…. So badly…”

“I bet you can imagine what I want right now… can you? If you can, keep that thought till tonight…”

“Just wanted to say hello… to the most handsome guy I’ve ever met… wish you were here right now so we can…=)”

Finally, remember: seduction is not about forcing someone doing things they dislike or things they are not ready to do. Seduction is all about guiding someone into doing things they secretly desire in a subtle way. Keep this simple rule in mind when composing seductive text messages and you will get everything right.