10 Sweet Text Messages to Send to a Girl

sweet text messagesLove is a magical feeling… you want to be with the one you love all the time… you want to scream her name from the rooftop… you want to do something really special only to show her just how much you love her… The good news is that these days you can do effortlessly: send your loved one a romantic text message. And words have never been your forte, or you’ve never been able to figure out what is that women find truly romantic, here are ten sweet text messages to send to a girl.

1. “Can’t stop thinking about the way your eyes sparkle every time you look at me… the smile on your sweet lips every time I kiss you… without you my life is incomplete…”

2. “I couldn’t sleep last night so I matched each star with a reason for loving you… I ran out of stars! You are my everything…”

3. “Just wanted you to know that when you need someone to be there for you, I will be sitting right next to you… I love you!”

4. “Words are not enough to express just how much I love you… but I will try: you are the air I breathe, the sun that keeps me warm, the moon in the dark sky that gives me hope… I love you!”

5. “I would swim a thousand oceans, I would climb a thousand mountains, I would cross a thousand rivers… just to be with you… miss you so much”

6. “I loved you… I love you… I will always love you… thinking of you… wishing you a wonderful day”

7. “There are 8 billion people on earth… but to me you are the only one… can’t wait to see your beautiful face and to hold you in my arms…”

8. “I love the way you make me happy, I love the way you care, I love that you are there!”

9. “Just thinking of you… wishing you were here… Love you more than words can say!”

10. “With every moment we share… with every smile… every look… every kiss… I know I have finally found what I’ve been looking for… You make me the happiest man on earth and that’s all I ever wished from life!”

Use the above sweet text messages to make her think about you, and even to make her want you as never before. You can simply copy and of the above sweet text messages and send it to your girl, or use them as inspiration for composing your very own, unique romantic text messages.